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Two-wheeled close call - I should have died, and this is why... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I should have died, and this is why...

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Two-wheeled close call [Apr. 6th, 2008|04:10 am]
I should have died, and this is why...


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I'm new here! I enjoyed going back and reading old entries to this community. A few of jspurlin's entries I'd heard before and got a chuckle from once again.

This post clicked this memory back into focus. So it's my story for the group today.

Fifth grade, a friend of mine had THE biggest party of the year. It was her birthday, and she'd invited half of our class as well as a good chunk of the sixth grade class.

I was never the socialite in school, and due to that, i went only really knowing maybe four people at the party. Oh, I "knew" everyone there by name. But as for being friends with any of them... I wasn't, and nor did I have any idea how to relate to anyone other than my few close friends that had been invited.

This party started mid-day on a Friday, when we got out early from school. The afternoon was co-ed until around 10:00 at night, when all the boys left and it turned into the huge slumber party. Complete with truth and dare, and the first person asleep having their underwear frozen.

The next day, the party continued through the afternoon. It was a rare warm day in mid-March, so of course we all gravitated to the outside. The girl who was hosting the party had two younger sisters, and somehow there was a large collection of bicycles at our disposal. We were out in the middle of nowhere, her house deep in the country.

The girls I was close friends with all had places to be that morning, and they left early. I found myself left to myself, feeling a stranger among familiar faces. So, I soon snagged one of the bikes and hit one of the gravel dirt roads near the house. I eventually started to catch up with a group of girls, and I held back. I felt the odd duck... so I opted to pace them and stay back. No need to rush anyway. It was a gorgeous day, and the tree-lined road was a pleasure to be out traveling.

The road soon sloped down, heading for the paved farm-to-market road. I watched the girls ahead of me drop out of sight, picking up speed. I came to the rise just as they were entering the roadway. I took a deep breath and followed suit. I felt my speed continue to rise. The wind whipping through my hair. In a brief instant I realized there would be no way for me to stop before I entered the road, and I hoped that there would be no on-coming traffic.

Just as my wheels hit pavement and I crossed into the highway, I realized I was directly in front of a car. They missed my back wheel by only inches as I darted out in front of them and made a quick left.

They never blew their horn. I think they were as shocked as I was about what had just happened. The girls who had been ahead of me had all come to a stop and stared as well. I rode past them, shaking but also without speaking. Terrified about my close call, but also exhilarated to be okay. I sped up and road to the house as fast as I could. I didn't touch a bike for the rest of the day.

I never told my parents what had happened. I never told ANYONE what happened until now. I think because it was too close of a call for comfort... I didn't want to acknowledge it. Yup... that day I probably should have died -- or at least have gotten pretty badly banged up. But my guardian angel or something pushed me out of way at the last instant. Boy am I glad for it.